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ROOF Academic Training is an education company specializing in preparation for language, international certificate. The company started its activity in the summer of 2017. Although we are starting our work with the General English and IELTS preparation, our service sector now also includes: SAT preparation, corporate English lessons and โ€œStudy Abroadโ€. Our experienced team consists of instructors who have studied both within and outside the country, and own international certificates. Our clients are mainly senior students, bachelors and masters of different universities, as well as those who are about 30 years of age willing to live and study abroad.

Our goal indicates our course of actions

Our vision determines our targeted destination

Our values and principles regulate our course of actions

Rufat Huseynzade

Founder & IELTS instructor


Our mission is to build solid relationships with our customers and provide them with exceptional service. We aim to implement this by maintaining our values and principles, constantly through applying innovations and based on the experience of individuals


Our strategic vision is to become one of the leading organizations in the local education market by maintaining the quality we provide in our services and to expand our services across neighboring countries


Stimulate personal development of our employees. Provide integrity and honesty in relationships with our customers and within the company throughout all processes. Provide transparency in relationships with our customers and government agencies

Quality Management System

The employees of ROOF Academic Training are responsible for the quality of everything they do. They will only accept, process, or forward items that meet company standards. We decide to exceed the expectations of our customers and will do our best to work with employees, customers, suppliers and partners of the company to ensure consistent fulfillment and improvement of all standards. ROOF Academic Training continues to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standards. These Quality Management Systems provide us with a formal framework to reinforce our commitment to directing our attention to our customers, to manage and improve our processes.

Quality Policy

Quality Management Manual

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The high quality of education at ROOF Academic Training is easily manifested as the results of many students. The role of this team in my success, too, is undeniable. But what makes this place different compared to other institutions, to me, is the relationship with the people. There is a kind and sincere envinronment inside and outside the classroom, and this makes ROOF Academic Training very valuable to me, like a real family.

Salman Huseynov ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

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