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Our study abroad team sends students to different countries depending on the budget students can devote to their tuition and living costs. Minimum requirements vary among universities and study programs.

Apply to university

Application to universities is a stressful, time consuming, sometimes complex but also serious procedure that requires being attentive. Therefore, we offer you our apply services. You can use our services to apply for universities across the globe. Depending on your budget, we find universities in accordance with your academic and professional qualifications as well as financial circumstances and apply for the one upon which you finalize your decision. During the procedure, we take responsibility for every part, except for the preparation of documents. Our services include applying to university, designing CV, writing motivation and reference letters, holding mock interviews, communicating with university, and applying for dormitory and visa. If you want to entrust your dream to professionals in order to avoid any mistakes, you can choose our services and become one of our students to study abroad.

Apply to scholarship

If you are confident about your academic and professional qualifications, ROOF Academic Training is ready to help you in applying for scholarships. There are full and partial scholarships all over the world to fund your study. Relying on our experience and your credentials, we can identify which scholarships to apply for and take responsibility on every part of application, except for preparation of documents. If you want to learn more about scholarships, application services, and documents needed, ROOF AT’s team is in your service.


Another service we can offer is our consulting service. If you undertake all application procedures yourself, and all you need is clear, reliable advice, this service is for you. We give you all information you need to know to apply to university you want to study in, and you deal with the rest. Consultation involves information about universities, programs, minimum requirements, application period and deadlines, potential costs and budget planning, admission links, scholarships, visa and accommodation consulting, etc.

Writing Letters

Writing academic letters is a major part of application for admission and scholarship. Writing a convincing, effective letter can increase your chances of getting admitted by 40 %, thus needed to be written in a correct structure and a right context. If you are looking for someone professional in writing motivation and reference letters, ROOF AT is the right address.

If you need any information other than above mentioned, you can approach our office at any time.

Rufat Huseynzada IELTS teacher

Rufat Huseynzada



  • Study Abroad Expert
  • 7-year experience
  • 8.5 IELTS score
  • Helped 107 students of his to study in 30 different countries in just one year.

Bekir Yunusov



  • 7.0 IELTS score
Heyder İsayev xaricde tehsil üzre mütexesis

Heydar Isayev



  • 7.0 IELTS score