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In just a year since our foundation, more than 100 students of us have got 7.0 band score and above from official IELTS exams.

As someone who spent years on looking for ideal language course, I was pleased by my latest destination, ROOF Academic Training, in every possible way. A team distinguished for their professionality, excellent tuition environment, and sincere teachers are all you need to succeed in life.

Fidan AlakbarovaIELTS 7.5

With the help of well-experienced Mr. Rufat, I got a certificate that satisfied all the requirements I had to meet. The discipline, successful students, and the desire to progress further are the main characteristics of the center

Anar AghazadeIELTS 7.5

In my view, environment is crucial to every success. Those who put getting IELTS score in their mind are usually motivated and determined people. What they need most, however, is a friendly, sincere environment and strict teacher. I found them all in ROOF Academic Training.

Kanan MuradovIELTS 7.0

ROOF Academic Training will help you to demonstrate your whole potential. If you wish to earn your IELTS score in an environment enriched with friendly attitudes and motivations, ROOF is the best option. I guess the score I got here in a short period proves it all.

Azad MammadliIELTS 7.5

I can’t emphasize enough how grateful I am, but when I realize that these people help me to achieve a certificate which opens a door of my dream, it is a sin not to be grateful. Thanks ROOF, thanks great team!

Elbay AsadovIELTS 7.5

My favorite thing about ROOF is that every single member of their professional team is doing their best for your success. I highly recommend ROOF for those who wish to get 7.0 and above.

Togrul RasulovIELTS 8.0