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ROOF Academic Training



The duration of IELTS classes is 3 months. If the student meets the upper-intermediate level according to the results of the placement test, he/she is allowed to start IELTS preparation. Regular trial exams are held to monitor the progress of students and encourage them to feel a real exam environment. The fee is 180 AZN per month. Depending on the student’s intention, individual and intensive IELTS training is also offered.


Structure of Lessons:

Writing – In the first month of Writing lessons 12 different Task 1 and Task 2 structures are covered with an emphasis on examples. Tips are given on how to score high.

In the second month, 3 lessons are devoted to Speaking, 3 to Listening, and 4-6 to Reading.

Speaking – Rules for each part of speaking exam are explained, examples are discussed, and mock exams are held based on real exam questions.

Listening –  Every part of listening section is explained, question types and examples are discussed. Mistakes are worked on to avoid them.

Reading – Students work on tests, and they are trained on how to allocate time efficiently for every part of reading section.

In the third month, students are trained solely via tests and mock exams, as well as IELTS trials.

Rufat Huseynzada IELTS teacher

Rufat Huseynzada


Founder. IELTS instructor. He earned his Bachelor’s degree at Baku State University and Master’s
degree at Qafqaz University. He owns 8.5 IELTS band score and more than 8 years of English
teaching experience. In a 2 year period, 400+ students of his scored 7.0 and more.


90-minute lesson 2 times a week.

Weekly individual and group conversation classes.

Groups of 6-10 people.

Program designed for 7 and 7+ Band Scores.

Trial exams 2 times a month

Available room for practice